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Andrews Lawn and Garden Care has been replacing residential and commercial lawns for a number of years with either roll on lawn or synthetic lawn. 


If your lawn is not looking good, suffered drought or damage, full of invasive weeds or other invasive turf varieties, uneven or you plan on selling your property a new lawn can really enhance your kerb appeal.   

Lawn can either be removed by using a turf cutter and Kanga Mini digger 1100 mm wide access is required or if access is very tight, 700 mm then a Turf cutter and the old fashioned wheel barrow and shovel can be used to remove and replace your lawn. 

We recommend adding organic matter to sandy soil in the form of soil conditioner at rate of 50 mm and we rotary hoe the area to a depth of 100 mm to mix the soil conditioner in with your existing sandy soil prior to laying your new lawn. This coupled with soil wetter, organic and chemical turf start fertilizers, including water crystals is the best way to get your new lawn established and ensure it's long term health and drought resistance. 

Please don't hesitate to call us on 04111 785 14 today to discuss your requirements, we offer great solutions at competitive prices. 

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